Location plans for public transport

You would like to provide your customers with up-to-date and attractive information about public transport? mapset is the online editor for fast and easy creation of clear and visually appealing station maps and plans for customer orientation.


Creation of situational plans

Create meaningful station maps quickly and easily. Public transport replacement services or construction sites can be depicted, as can the situation at major events that require the guidance of passengers. In just a few minutes, you can create a plan that provides targeted information and has a high graphic quality.

Easy drawing of local information

Supplement local information on the basis of existing, detailed maps. You can display routes, add stops with their platforms or highlight points of interest.

Export functions

Download your customized plans as image files and integrate them into your word processing or DTP software. To optimize the export, you can precisely specify the extent and resolution for printing.

Dynamic integration in online channels

Your plans can not only be exported as static images, but can also be dynamically embedded into websites. Benefit from the dynamic integration of freely navigable maps on which users can select extent and scale themselves. Send links for your individual plans simply by e-mail or share them via social media.

Basemap for public transport

The basemap is optimized to show those details that are relevant for public transport. The map not only guarantees a graphically attractive presentation but is also updated weekly without your intervention.

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Here you can find an overview of the annual costs and the one-time setup fee.



For transport companies with
up to
10 stops


0.- €/year
€ 490 one-time setup fee


For transport companies with
11-200 stops
railway stations


2'700 €/year
€ 490 one-time setup fee


For transport companies with
201-500 stops
railway stations


5'900 €/year
€ 490 one-time setup fee


For transport companies with
more than 501 stops
railway stations


8'400 €/year
€ 490 one-time setup fee
* The prices refer to the total number of stops of a company, independent of the number of stops actually processed with mapset.

In addition to the ongoing subscription fees, a setup fee of € 490.00 is charged at the start of the subscription. After a subscription interruption, the setup fee is due again when the subscription is renewed. For transport companies with up to 10 stops only the set-up fee is charged.

Within the scope of the subscriptions and the setup fee the configuration of users of mapset is included, provided the users can be identified via a uniform mail domain (e.g. james.meyer@ktuxy.com and :james.meyer@ktuxy.com). For the configuration of individual users, who are not identifiable via a domain, € 90.00 per user will be charged.


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The subject of this agreement is the licence for the use of the online editor at editor.mapset.io (mapset).

It entitles the licensing company (licensee) to create an unlimited number of plans for all stops of the licensee and to use the plans created with the editor freely, subject to compliance with the copyright provisions mentioned in §5.

The licence is limited to the stops of the licensee. The licensee is not entitled to grant sub-licenses, with the exception that a direct reference to the representation of the transfer relationship between a stop of the licensee and the stop of a third party or the stop of the third party is spatially conditioned in the same plan section as the stop of the licensee. The plans generated with the licence may be used in any media, in particular also in digital environments, taking into account the copyright information (§5). The use of the plans is restricted to the licensee. Third parties may use the finished plans as a print product or use them as a static or dynamic plan on their online media, provided that the licensee's stops are depicted on them as described above.
The licenser reserves the right to change, supplement or delete the content of mapset and the present terms and conditions at any time at his own discretion, either in whole or in part. This also applies to improvements / changes to the described information or products and services. In case of planned changes to these terms and conditions, the licenser will inform the licensee at least three months before the changes come into effect.

Software including source code belongs to geOps AG.
Also the map style and data preparation of the map are the property of geOps AG.

The contract begins with the activation of the accesses following the signing of the contract and runs for 12 months from this date.

Without registration maps from mapset are meant for internal and personal use only. The use of maps from mapset in a public context, in particular the use of the maps for traveller information, shall be deemed to constitute consent to a contract and shall lead to the charging of the subscription costs. In this case, the start of the contract shall be deemed to be the verifiable point in time of the use of mapset.

The annual costs for the use of the editor are graded according to the number of stops served by the licensee. A current overview of the prices can be found on mapset.io. For associated transport companies, special licence conditions can be arranged on request.

Whenever you use maps from mapset, the copyright information must be retained in the plan. The current copyright information can be read at the bottom of the plans in the editor. As of July 2019 the copyright information is e.g. '© OpenStreetMap, OpenMapTiles, mapset'. If you use maps from mapset without any changes, the current copyright information is automatically displayed in the maps. If the licensee revises the plans, the representation of the copyright must always be guaranteed.

The license agreement can be terminated with a period of notice of 3 months to the end of a contract period. Without termination, the contract will be tacitly renewed for another year.

The licensor has a unilateral special right of termination without notice if the licensee does not meet his obligations.

In case of a significant deterioration of the offer, the licensee has an extraordinary right of termination. The licensee must provide proof of the deterioration. Further claims, especially claims for damages, are excluded. License fees paid in advance will be refunded.

The licenser is not liable for losses or damages of any kind, which could arise in connection with the access or use of mapset or parts thereof or from links to third party websites. The licenser is also not liable for lost profits, for Internet failures of any kind (e.g. interruption of operations, malfunctions, viruses, harmful components, terrorist acts...etc), misuse by third parties (viewing data, copies etc.) as well as loss of programs or other data in the information systems of the licensee.

Some links on mapset lead to third party websites. These are no longer under the influence of the licenser. The licenser also does not take any responsibility for the correctness, completeness and legality of the contents contained there and links to other websites as well as for possible offers, products and (service) performances contained there. The use of linked websites is the sole responsibility of the licensee.

Within mapset the licenser will not place any links, especially no advertisements. Placing links in plans made with mapset is solely within the resposibility of the licensee.

The map basis can be adjusted at any time. Updates of the map, especially the representation of changes in the landscape or infrastructure are usually displayed in the base maps within a short time through an automated update process. If an update is missing in the basic data used (currently OpenStreetMap), there is no obligation for the licenser to enter updates manually.

The appearance of dynamically integrated maps ('styling') may change slightly at any time.

Should one of the provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties undertake to bring about a provision which comes closest to the invalid provision in its legal and economic content.

All agreements, individual approvals and special regulations must be made in writing. Oral subsidiary agreements do not establish legal validity.

For all possible disputes between the licenser and the licensee, the courts at the licenser's domicile are responsible. Swiss law is exclusively applicable.


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